Obtaining Your Alabama Temporary Permit

Once you have completed your drivers education course, you will be ready to apply for your Alabama learner's permit.

Applying for An Alabama Drivers Learners Permit

In order to apply for an Alabama learner's permit, a person must be at least 15 years old. 

Required Education

Applicants for an Alabama learners permit will need to learn traffic laws, road rules and traffic signs. To aide in learning the subject matter required for an Alabama drivers learning permit, the applicant will need The Alabama Driver Manual, published by the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

The manual is required for applicants who wish to learn the rules and pass the test for their Alabama learners permit. The beginning driver can acquire a manual from their local DLD office or download it on the Internet.

Preparing For The Test For The Alabama Learners Permit Test

Before receiving a new learner's permit, the applicant must pass an exam on various aspects of road rules and safety procedures, including knowledge of road signs. The Alabama Driver Manual will have all the information required to pass the learner's permit test. Drivers will have six months to study. There are sample tests online which replicate the questions likely to be asked on the test. To take the Alabama learner's permit test, drivers need to make an appointment at their local Alabama DLD.

An exam fee of $5 will be charged, and those who do not pass will not be able to take the test again for least 24 hours. The fee is charged each time the test is taken.

What To Take To An Alabama Learners Permit Test
For a complete checklist of the required documentation, click here.

Drivers should bring the following:

All documents for an Alabama drivers learners permit must be original, or authorized copies. The applicant should also have the $23 needed to pay for the permit if they pass the exam.

How To Use An Alabama Learners Permit

Learners permit holders may only drive in the company of a licensed driver, parent or guardian, over the age of 21, or a licensed driving instructor. Those persons must be seated in the passenger's seat at all times while the learners permit holder is driving. Before making an attempt to move from holding an Alabama driving permit to an actual driver's license, the Alabama learners permit holder must have completed 30 hours of driving.

Alternatively they must have completed a state-approved driver education course. There can be only four people traveling in the vehicle excluding the supervisor, meaning that the learners permit holder is allowed to transport three friends when driving plus the supervisor.