Alabama Salvage Title

In the state of Alabama, insurance companies have the authority to declare a vehicle a total loss if your automobile is in an accident. If your insurance claims the total loss or the word salvage has been stamped on the title, it is illegal to operate your vehicle on any road in Alabama. What this means is that your original registration on your vehicle has been cancelled, and you'll need to remove your plates off your automobile.

If the vehicle is restored, it has to be inspected before a Rebuilt Title will be issued. A rebuilt vehicle with a AL Salvage Rebuilt Title can be driven on the highways. Please note that your vehicle can't be re-titled until it passes a Salvage Inspection.

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Alabama Salvage Titles

In the state of Alabama, a vehicle deemed a total loss by an insurance company results in the issuance of an Alabama salvage title for the vehicle. It becomes a salvage vehicle and can't be driven on the highways or have a valid license plate. If the vehicle is restored, it has to be inspected before a "rebuilt title" will be issued. A rebuilt vehicle with an AL salvage rebuilt title can be driven on the highways.

Applying for a Alabama Salvage Certificate of Title

To apply for a salvage car title in Alabama, you'll need to go to your local AL Department of Revenue office. Along with your application you'll have to have the vehicle's original certificate of title, the manufacturer's certificate of origin or out-of-state title. The state of Alabama requires you to apply for a rebuilt title from the DOR if the vehicle is legally declared a total loss.

Rebuildable Salvage Titles and Not Rebuildable Salvage Titles

  • A Rebuildable AL Salvage Title means that it can be repaired and driven
  • A Not Rebuildable AL Salvage Title means that it must be sold for parts

If the total cost of repairing the vehicle or rebuilding the vehicle is less than 75 percent damage, an AL Salvage Rebuildable or AL Salvage Rebuildable Certificate of Title for an uninsured motor vehicle can be issued.

AL Salvage Title Application/Form

To begin the process of filling out your Alabama salvage title application, click here. Please bring the completed form to your local DL tax collector's office (DOR) for filing.

Alabama Salvage Rebuilt Titles

In the state of Alabama, it's against the law to sell a rebuilt auto title if the official DOR stamp on the certificate of title does not indicate the vehicle has been rebuilt or assembled from parts, or is a replica, kit car, glider kit or flood vehicle. The Alabama DOR has to examine the automobile before an AL salvage title certificate can be issued. If the DOR has not displayed an official decal stating the auto has been rebuilt, the document is null and void.

Title an Abandoned Vehicle in Alabama

To title an abandoned vehicle in Alabama you will need to fill out an AL Abandoned Motor Vehicle Request form. Your next step would be to then fill out an Alabama Salvage Title application form, pay the appropriate title fee and turn it into your local DOR office.